Soybean processed products by the "Soya ANK" Oil Extraction Plant
8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
Extruded full-fat soybean
Extruded full-fat soybean

High-calorie, high-protein, universal animal feed, which is ideal for all types of animals and poultry. It is of a high fodder value. It compensates for the deficiency of protein and amino acids in animal nutrition, the lack of which is one of the main reasons for their low productivity.

Its inclusion in the feeding diet of fish allows to replace expensive protein supplements, contributes to the better absorption of other feedstuffs and fish growth, which leads to a better quality of the final product.

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Covered railroad cars (in bags / in bulk) - 66 tons
Grain-carriers – 62 tons
Containers (bags, big bags) - from 20 tons
Road transport
Monthly supply capacity – up to 2 000 tons

Shipment by rail is made from the Blagoveshchensk station of the Amur Region. We deliver to Russia’s Far East, Siberia, the Ural and other regions of Russia.

Quality indicators
Indicator name Normative standard
Visual appearance Grist, oily
Color From light yellow to light brown, greenish tint is allowed, black inclusions of wild crops are allowed (wild soybeans, amaranth, amaranth seeds)
Smell Roasted soybeans
Moisture and volatile matter mass fraction, % Above 1,0
Mass fraction of protein in terms of absolute dry substance, % 48,0 – 50,0
Mass fraction of crude protein, % -
Mass fraction of fat in terms of absolute dry substance, % Above 16,6
Mass fraction of crude fat, % -
Urease activity (pH change in 30´) Below 0,3
Mass fraction of crude fiber in terms of absolute dry substance, % Below 7,0
Pest infestation or signs of infestation Not allowed
Impurities content (stones, glass, earth) Not allowed
Metallomagnetic impurities content, %
-particles up to 2mm
-particles with sharp edges and larger than 2mm

    Below 0,01
  Not allowed
Metabolic energy (of crude fiber content), % Above 68,0
Total nutritional value, FU Above 1,3
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8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
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8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
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Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region
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