Soybean processed products by the "Soya ANK" Oil Extraction Plant
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Fatty-acid distillate
Fatty-acid distillate

The fatty-acid distillate is a product obtained in the production of soybean processing products.

It is used for the production of soap, cutting fluids, non-food surfactants for technical products, in the petrochemical, oil refining, light, paint and varnish, chemical industries.

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Metal drums – 185 kg
Monthly supply capacity – up to 3 tons
Quality indicators
Indicator name Normative standard
Visual appearance Homogeneous fluid mass
Consistency at 20 °C Semi-solid, heterogeneous
Color Beige to dark brown
Smell Typical of the fatty acids
Moisture and volatile matter, % Not above 1,0
Acid number, mg KOH/g Above 80
Peroxide number, mmol / kg of active oxygen Below 3,0
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8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
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