Soybean processed products by the "Soya ANK" Oil Extraction Plant
8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
Refined deodorized soybean oil
Refined deodorized soybean oil

An extraordinary useful product. Its components have a positive effect on health of the whole organism. Soybean oil has the highest biological activity of all oils and is absorbed by the body by 98%.

The oil is produced and supplied in unpackaged (in bulk) and packaged (bottled) forms.

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In bulk
Flexitank containers – 18-21 tons
Tank containers – from 21 tons
Road transport
Railway transport
Monthly supply capacity – up to 1 500 tons

Shipment by railway transport is made from Blagoveshchensk station of Amur Region. We deliver in Russia’s Far East.

The product is successfully exported to the APR countries.

Bottled soybean oil under "Amur Pearl" trademark
0.4 L
0.4 L
1.0 L
1.0 L
5.0 L
5.0 L
Bottled soybean oil under "PURE Soy Oil" trademark
0.78 L
0.78 L
4.5 L
4.5 L
5.0 L
5.0 L
Quality indicators
Indicator name Normative standard
Transparency Transparent, with no sediment
Smell and taste Without smell, neutral-tasting oil
Color value, mg iodine Not above 7
Acid number, mg KOH/g Not above 0,20
Non-fat impurities (residue mass) % Not contained
Mass fraction of phosphorus, mg/kg Not above 20
Mass fraction of phosphorus in terms of stearooleolecitin, % 0,05
Peroxide value, mmol of active oxygen per kg Not above 3,0
Moisture and volatile matter mass content, % Not above 0,03
Soap (qualitative test) Not contained
Flash point of extraction oil, °C, not below than Not regulated
Anisidine value Not above 3,0
The product is produced under "Amur Pearl" trademark.
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8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
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8 (4162) 52-42-42 8 (4162) 52-42-42
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Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region
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