Soybean processed products by the "Soya ANK" Oil Extraction Plant
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Purchase of soybeans

Our company purchases soybeans on an ongoing basis for further processing. We invite Russian producers and suppliers of soybeans to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Purchase prices for soybeans may vary depending on the season, quality of soybeans, location, expected purchase quantity of soybeans, payment terms and other factors. Therefore, we suggest inquiring about the purchase price of soybeans directly from our specialists.

There are a number of soybean quality indicators for which we have special requirements.

We purchase soybeans that do not contain genetically modified organisms (non-GMO soybeans).

The quality must meet all the requirements of GOSTs standards, medical and biological, sanitary standards and have the following indicators:

  • moisture content – below 12%
  • trash impurities – below 2%
  • crude protein – above 34%
  • oilseed impurity – below 15%

Note: Compliance with these indicators is optional and can be taken into account when determining the purchase price for soybeans. If the indicators of the soybeans offered by the supplier do not significantly correspond to those given in the table, we are ready to consider the option of reprocessing soybeans at the elevator.
Moisture content
below 12%
Trash impurities
below 2%
Crude protein -
above 34%
Oilseed impurity
below 15%
Including unripe seeds no more 8 %

Regions for purchasing soybeans

Our main regions for purchasing soybeans are:
Amur Region
Blagoveshchensk, Belogorsk, Tambovsky, Mikhailovsky, Oktyabrsky, Konstantinovsky, Seryshevsky, Ivanovsky and other districts of the Amur Region
Primorsky Krai
Ussuriysk, Spassk-Dalny, Mikhailovsky, Khorolsky, Spassky, Khankaisky, Oktyabrsky, Kirovsky, Pogranichny, Ussuriysky, Chernigovsky and other districts of Primorsky Krai
Jewish Autonomous Region
Birobidzhan, Leninsk, Leninsky District, Birobidzhan District, Smidovichsky and other districts of the Jewish Autonomous Region

As well as:
  • Altai Region
  • Tambov Region
  • Krasnodar Region
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