Soybean processed products by the "Soya ANK" Oil Extraction Plant
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Storage services

Harvested grain crops from the fields are transported by road to the grain yard in the village of Zarechny. On the territory of the grain yard there is a modern industrial laboratory that enables to monitor the entire technological process of receiving, reprocessing, drying and shipping of grains and soybeans.

The incoming raw materials, which have passed laboratory control (determination of trash impurities, moisture and protein in soybeans), are weighed on wheel-load scales of up to 80 tons weighing capacity and of 5 m height. Then, the grain is supplied for reprocessing (cleaning) from coarse and small trash impurities by grain cleaning machines such as "PETKUS", "ALMAZ" and "BIS". If the grain from fields is received with increased moisture content, it is dried on specially designed grain dryers with mandatory laboratory control at all stages of drying to the condition specified by GOST.

After drying, the grain is sent for storage to the floor-type warehouses.

The total storage capacity of the grain yard in the village of Zarechny is up to 47 000 tons for the simultaneous storage.

During storage, the grain is naturally and artificially ventilated. At all stages of storage, the laboratory controls raw materials in order to avoid spoilage.

The grain is shipped in two ways: in bulk into the vehicles and in packages (bags of 50 kg and big bags of 1000 kg).

We offer the services of grain reprocessing and storage.

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